Digital Pros Quick Tip: Canonicalization

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Today’s Tip: Canonicalization

Recognized by Google, Bing, and Yahoo, a canonical page (defined by Google) is “the preferred version of a set of pages with highly similar content.”

For example, our homepage is seen in a browser by typing any of the following:


Note that each version of the URL above brings you to the same Digital Pros home page, regardless of whether or not the “www” or “/home” is added. Does your site do the same?

In order to unify your pages and prevent search engines from assuming multiple pages or treating as duplicate content, it’s important to maintain this best practice for your website.

Find more information on this topic:

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  1. Hello,

    Nice post about canonicalization of a website. It direct, short, sweet, and to the point. I look forward to reading more SEO topics from this point on.


    Stacie Walker

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